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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  July 12, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". this is just really really rough on everybody involved because of the heat, the magnitude, the scope and the stakes are incredibly high. life and death. >> developing now at noon investigators back to work in bucks county searching for clues they hope will lead to answers in the disappearance of four men. and we're learning today that progress is being made. good afternoon i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is in solebury township
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where officials wrapped up a press conference about an hour ago. joe, good afternoon. what's the latest now? >> reporter: good afternoon. district attorney was brief in his remarks. he did talk about locating important pieces of evidence as the investigation moves forward. but he would not tell us what those pieces of evidence were. this as investigators continue to comb a 90-acre farm owned by the dinardo family and whose son 20-year-old cosmo dinardo has been identified labeled make that as a person of interest in the disappearance of these four men. chopper three high above the farm earlier this morning capturing the unfolding scene blow on this remote farm. fbi and police were huddled under a white tent and were making use of a wooden board to excavate something out of that hole. when i asked the da specifically about this, he would not comment on what they were digging up. now jimi tar patrick, dean finocchiaro, tom may owe and
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mark sturgis haven't been seen in several days. prosecutors have said foul play is a factor in their disappearance. their cars have been located at various locations in solebury township. now one of those places being the dinardo's farm. about all the da did confirm this morning was that his investigation is making headway on that property. >> we have not yet recovered any human remains that i can report but we have recovered several important pieces of evidence at this site that we're colonelly work very add with the majority of our manpower and on the locations. >> reporter: let's talk about this. cosmo dinardo the person of interest in this case he has been arres arrested an outstandg fare arms charge dating back to february. the da's requested a million dollar bond be set. he posted 10% of that bond. now sources have told "eyewitness news" he had violent tendencies following a quad crash that left him with serious
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head injuries. now prosecutors have still not yet detailed the relationship between dinardo and these four men. though as time drags on, and a few answers are revealed, this community is beginning to speculate wildly on these connections and what may have happened. of course, we'll keep you posted on any developments online and over the air. live in solebury township, bucks county, joe holden, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, joe. meanwhile in other news this noon, philadelphia police are investigating the murder of a woman in lawn crest. the 57-year-old woman was found in her home on north hill creek drive at about this morning. police say the victim identified as rosland wicks was stabbed four times and beaten with hammer. the suspect was spotted running away near sixth and lindley covered with blood. cbs3 spoke with two eyewitnesses just a short time ago. >> i heard her daughter run out crying, screaming trying to kill my mom! so when she said that, i said bleep trying to kill your
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mom? i know her. i grew up with her since i was 11. i 25 now, you know. when he said that, i said, um, i go to the door. when i go to the door the guy slams the door in my face, boom. she used to look out for me when i don't feel good because i get sick a loft if i sitting on the curb she come out and say you want me to help you home. it's sad that she's gone. >> so far no arrests have been made but police say they have recovered weapons at the scene. philadelphia police continue to investigate another murder two women were killed while sitting in a pickup truck in fair hill. our jap january an carrabeo has more on this story rt. >> a block in fair hill insoluble wednesday as news spread of a double murder in the neighborhood. one of the victims, a beloved mother 35-year-old little anna mendoza. she will love you without even knowing you. she would offer you anything you need. she would take the clothes off her back just to give it to you.
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that was lilly. >> help doze is a was gunned down with her 19-year-old step daughter torres overnight. family tells "eyewitness news" mendoza and torres had just returned home around midnight to the 3,000 block of north lawrence street. with them was man doze so's 13-year-old stepson. the boy got out of this truck to remove a car when a car pulled up next to them and gunfire erupted. >> he saw a gray car pull up and then as soon as they start opening fire he just ran. >> reporter: 13-year-old was not hurt. but mendoza and torres were shot multiple times in the head and the body. they were found inside that red pickup truck and pronounced dead at the scene. >> her life was taken away, you know, just the blink of an eye. >> reporter: alex mendoza is her nephew but considers her more like a sister. he's remembering her as a kind and giving person. >> she was just somebody that everybody loved and being around. >> reporter: investigators are working to identify a motive for the violence but family says
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this is a case of mistaken identity. they say the truck mendoza was driving wasn't hers but a friend's. the windows tinted likely making it hard to see who was inside. >> you caught the wrong person. give yourself up. have some sympathy. >> reporter: homicide is now investigating. they're searching this neighborhood for surveillance video and asking anyone with information to contact police. in fair hill, jan carrabeo, cbs3 "eyewitness news". turning now to weather. we are trackin tracking excessit this noon. mercury is expected to keep climbing. meteorologist katie fehlinger life on the cbs sky deck keeping her eye on the temperatures. hi katie. >> hey, guys. rahel this afternoon will be a very hot one. already is quite warm here on the sky deck. it's hotter in other places than it is here, however, you'll see that reflect the in the feels like values i'll show in you a second. but i do also want to show you what's going on in storm scan which is at the moment in isn't a heck of a lot. however, later through the afternoon we're going to start to see some sign signs of live popping up on the radar because
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you just got that perfect recipe for some pop-ups summertime thunderstorms. this is classic philadelphia summer weather here. where it's building heat, building humidity, lots of sunshine to get that instability going. i'm sure you can hear the breeze through my microphone as well something else picking up. some of the storms could be locally strong. we're going to talk more that and the impacts later in the show. but if you're just watching out the door this afternoon, these are the values i want to you use as gauge. these are the values that are combining the temperature and the dew points. it feels like 88 at the airport. not as bad as it is in dover even in millville it feels like 96 degrees. feeling closer to the century mark closer to that any way in wildwood. we're really hot beginning to the afternoon. technically we expect the high to reach into in philadelphia. now, coming up later in the show we have to talk about this. the excessive heat warning that goes into effect tomorrow. so it is hot day right now. but it will get even hotter than this. just how high does the temperature climb and more importantly how does it feel,
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those questions answered little later on. guys? >> all right. katie, we'll see you then. hard to believe but thank you. to the nation's capitol president trump's eldest son goes on the record to try to clear his name. donald trump, jr., confirmed he did meet with a russian lawyer to get dirt on hillary clinton before the election. that revelation now has president trump defending his son. >> reporter: president trump is coming to his oldest son's defense. he tweeted, he was open, transparent and innocent. this is the greatest witch hunt in political history. donald trump, jr., appeared on fox news hannity show last night to explain why he met with a russian lawyer who was supposed to have damaging information on hillary clinton. >> in retrospect i probably would have done things a little differently. >> reporter: trump, jr. released e-mail exchange with robert goldstone the music publicist who a ranged the meeting. goldstone said the information was part of russia's support for mr. trump's candidacy. trump, jr. responded saying, if it's what you say, i love it. but he now says, the meeting
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wasn't as advertised. >> i think i wanted to hear it out, but really it went nowhere and it was apparent that wasn't what the meeting was actually about. >> reporter: the white house dispatched the president's own lawyer to defend trump, jr., on television this morning. >> it was rather unremarkable in the sense nothing transpired. nothing illegal took place. adam shift the ranking democrat on the house committee investigating russian meddling in the election dismissed the claims. >> the defense is going to be, yes, we had an intent to collude with russia. we wanted to get the dirt the russian government had in an effort to help elect donald trump. but we were deeply disappointed in not getting it at that mee meeting. that's not much of a defense. >> reporter: congressional investigators say they will call trump, jr., to testify before their committees. president trump pick for fbi director has couldn't fir mission hearing. christopher wray facing tough questions from the senate judiciary committee on matters of national security. russia investigation and civil rights.
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wray's nomination comes after the firing of former fbi director james comey. wray was at a top justice department official in the bush administration and last year he was hired as governor chris christie's lawyer for the bridge gate scandal. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" next, stunning images after a massive iceberg crumbles. where it happened, the staggers size and what it's likely to take place now that it's broken away. also, it's the end of an e era. the change being made for iconic muppet kermit the frog for the first time in nearly three decades. >> say it isn't so. >> i know. we'll have that story for you and more w
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welcome back. one of the biggest icebergs ever recorded has broken away from an ice shelf in apartment arkite today. >> nasa says it developed over the last year the iceberg finally separated this week. the scientists say its volume is twice the size of lake erie. the iceberg is so big that when it broke away it left the ice shelf 12% smaller. iceberg is likely to break into fragments which may remain in the area or drift north. new voice for old character. kermit the frog is changing in a big way. >> i know you've been devastated about this jim. the man whose voice the iconic muppet since 1990 in will no longer do the job. steve length his voice to kermit the characters of statler the grumpy critic and rizzo the rat. kermit will now be voiced by another long-time muppets performer many don't you worry, matt vogel will be doing it.
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>> but no one has been made clear will he keep his voice? or did he imitate? if he starts get a smoker's cough what's going on here? >> it's leak you doing the news without your hair. we need one with the other. >> thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" home ground talent is coming to the jersey shore. >> bucks county native pink hits the stage in atlantic city. we'll tell was makes tonight's performance so special. meisha. >> have you ever really wanted to do something but when the opportunity came there was a different plan. we're meeting a woman who waited decades for a special opportunity to present itself once again much that's coming up katie. >> meisha i'm thinking the weekend should be fantastic especially coming off the heat we've been dealing with and we'll continue to deal with through tomorrow. it's more typical july warmth with highs in the mid and upper 80s all in all sunshine. something to look forward to and make your plans around.
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we want to remind you that cbs3 summer fest is head to go phoenixville. we'll be broadcasting live friday as the town prepares for annual blob fest. >> we'll be also be showcasing everything the area has to offer getting a look at the history of the town and blob fest. don't miss it it sure to be a scream. friday right here on cbs3. and star singer pink won't be far from tomorrow night she take the stage on atlantic city beach. >> doylestown native performing in the first of three summer concerts. crews were hard at work setting up things yesterday. this is pink's only east coast performance this year. gates open for the event at 5:00 p.m. country singer brently gilbert performs tomorrow and rough riders and friends perform on august 3rd. quite the variety of a lineup. >> should they bring a poncho to the concert? >> i think that generally at leave the rest of today any storms are going to fire up north of the city. i think the beaches are probably dry but it's hot.
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these storms have dual purpose of helping to cool things off giving the water -- the plants a drink at least but the ones that crop up could be dicey. we'll get to that. there are some impacts that come with that certainly i'll get to for now all about that heat, the sunshine baking us right now and there were places it is incredibly humid at the moment and feeling very very oppressive as a result. let's start it off by talking about what's going on with that area radar. storm scan is good place to start off. lower michigan really has been feeding or feeling the pain he here. very heavy thunderstorms throughout last couple of hours. now we are going to see our fare share of some stormy weather. but we're talking scattered it comes through quickly and then it's out of here and you're done with it. but this is a zone back to the midwest dealing with rounds of soaking rain after round of rain. so they have have been dealing with pretty rough stuff. here locally, though, it's marginal risk for severe weather and i think primarily your issues would be heavy downpours, gusty winds, possibility hence the question mark of even some small sized hail.
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frequent lightning would also be a concern and it mainly happens from philly on north. so, again, even though you're in that green zone here, through the southern most counties you're technically fair game for this. but future weather picking up on the possibility that primarily north of philly let's walk you through that next couple of hours. we're talking the next few hou hours. this striking some of these northern counties and this incredible rainfall intensity. if you see the storm clouds brewing over the lehigh valley out towards portions of northern chester county i want to you duck and get, you know, get into some shelter here until this passes through but it's probably no more than maybe half hour to 45 minutes event then it's done and you're in the clear. meanwhile, let's talk about that heat. because come tomorrow, we're expecting the daytime high tonight 97 degrees. a degree hi shy of tying the record last set in 1994. very very hot, very steam key conditions. meanwhile tomorrow 10am it's already feeling like the 90s. here in philadelphia. and a good portion of the rest evident region up and down i-95.
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then when you start to see pinks and magentas showing up on future feels like you're dealing with very oppressive heat and humidity. come the height of the afternoon, three, 4:00 p.m., these are the values we'll be dealing with into the triple digits much that's dangerous heat if you must be out you work in landscaping something like that make sure that you taking care of yourself into tomorrow. even by 7:00 p.m. it's still feeling like 95 degrees in dover. but it will drastically drop off in the city because we've got a front dropping in. that again is going to trigger more showers and storms tomorrow evening. like you're on repeat with minor changes in the temperature readings. here's where we currently stand. you got a variety here as well. mount pocono, philly and atlantic city 70s, 80s and 90's. just from one town to the next. we really got that heat building up obviously the thermometer reflecting that. but jim loves when i use this word sultry afternoon. into the expected high in the city. just watch for late day shower or thunderstorm as we mentioned. later on tonight things should clear out pretty quickly and then we're down to only 77. that's it.
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you're off to really warm start tomorrow. hence we spike with no problems to 97. front comes through. lingering showers and storms on friday it but then the weekend as we mentioned in the weekend watch looks fantastic. it will be warm granted but not as humid. certainly not as hot either. >> all in perspective. >> exactly. >> thanks katie. second chance thee decades lat later. >> meisha explains in it today's love it. >> meisha. >> you guys, so medical complication more than 30 years ago prevented one wilmington mother from going to the concert of her dreams and now she's finally getting a chance to get her step by step on. so meet kimberly stewart. a wife, mother and huge fan of new kids on the block. >> i had every poster that you can imagine, and every teen magazine that you can pull the pictures out of they were plastered all over my walls. i had everything new kid on the block. >> stewart suffered from severe health issues growing up and was often in the hospital. so one night in particular when she had to stay overnight at the hospital her mom and doctors
12:22 pm
agreed to let her go out and attend the concert that she'd been wanting to see for years. that was more than 30 years ago and sadly her chance to see the new kids live that night wasn't meant to be. >> i had an attack. when the opening act came on stage, and they had to rush me back to the hospital. so i never actually got to see the new kids perform. >> so crushed of course stewart lost hope of seeing her favorite band live in concert. not knowing if they'd ever tour again. but, as fate would come around once more, the new kids did tour again and a local radio station stepped in to help this time they heard her story. they tracked her down. you guys, they gave hear pair of tickets to her boys the new kids on the block. as you can imagine she was sho shocked and thrilled stewart attended the couldn't is the witness her best friend this same best friend who initially attended the concert with her more than 30 years prior. she couldn't wait to hear please don't go, girl.
12:23 pm
>> i'll bet. >> isn't that so cute. >> that's a great story. >> one concert that you guys would do anything to get to? >> no. >> to see. >> really. >> no one? >> no. beyonce'. >> beyonce'. >> yeah. i like downloading music. [ laughter ] >> concert thing -- >> so for her i guess new kids on the block. >> they came back. >> when you've been through so much in live always so heart warming to watch how life comes full circle. hope you had a blast kimberly. if you come across any positive and inspirational stories ideas send them my way on twitter at me is a cbs3 or facebook on meisha p johnson.
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well you know what they say, sometimes nice soak is all you need. >> is that what they say. >> i guess so. >> baby elephant named jd more than happy to bathe in his paddle pool in sidney zoo. the elephant was born in australia in may. elephants are the largest mammals on the asian continent. >> how big is that bathtub? >> looks like mud. >> that's "eyewitness news" for today at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. for meisha, katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. >> and of course, we're always online at >> stay cool out there. the young and restless is next.
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[ knock on door ] >> victoria: hi! mom! look at how beautiful you look. >> nikki: oh, thank you, sweetheart. you, too. >> victoria: you ready for the concert? >> nikki: i'm as ready as i'll ever be. >> chelsea: hey. >> nick: wo-o-o-w! >> chelsea: not bad yourself. >> nick: yeah, i mean, i clean up okay. damn! how's it going?


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